video art


A South African Artist Made an Ex-President’s Rape Trial into Art

At the Berlin Biennale, Dineo Seshee Bopape turned the drip-drip-drip of oppressive systems into powerful films and installations.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns
video art

Watch This Filmmaker Work Six Projectors at Once to Make Incredibly Trippy Art

Toronto duo Zephyr use old tech to make magic.
Jordan Pearson
Black Women Making History

The Artist Turning Interior Decor into ‘Reparation Hardware’

Artist Ilana Harris-Babou investigates the impulse to turn old objects into new homegoods in her current exhibition at Larrie, NYC.
Emerson Rosenthal
video art

Anarchic Video Art Group Show Exposes the Pure Chaos of 2017

'COMM | ALT | SHIFT' brings together over a dozen video artists each confronting a different issue within contemporary society.
Andrew Nunes

Two Words: Qatari Falconry. Two More Words: F*cking Surreal.

In ‘The Challenge,’ Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani shows how Western notions of power inspire Qatari falconers.
DJ Pangburn
Performance Art

[NSFW] Nude Performance Artist Planks in Philosophical Self-Portraits

Chiara Mazzocchi’s nude artworks are anything but personal.
Andrew Nunes
felt zine

Watch a Circle of Emoji Cops Beat Up a Smartphone in This Glitch Art Series

In the 40th issue of FELT Zine, VCRs live on through the retro glitch art of Thomas McMahan.
Nathaniel Ainley

'Teen Wolf' Meets Biker Bar in a Surreal Hesher Paradise

“Grand Ole Opera” is a Lynchian dreamscape filled with empty trailers, neon lights, and suicidal werewolves.
Laura Hutson Hunter
video art

CGI Wizardry and Paint Make This Trippy Music Video

Davy Evans directs a moody music video for XamVolo.
Diana Shi

[Premiere] Yes, Art Can Be Funny and Serious at the Same Time

Meriem Bennani offers a glimpse into her playful, internet-driven practice in a new documentary short by Art21.
Kara Weisenstein

[Premiere] Let a Dancing Baby Creep You Out in This Surreal Music Video

Artist Claudia Maté imagines an uncanny dreamscape featuring a gorilla-faced baby in dungarees for Goss’ song “Soo Bad.”
Kevin Holmes
Projection Mapping

Endangered Animal Species Get Projection-Mapped Onto Mexico City’s Trees

To raise awareness about habitat destruction, motion graphics studio Maizz Visual projected animated animal heads onto trees at Mexico City’s Parque España.
DJ Pangburn