What's Freaking Me Out

A Stranger Diagnosed Me With Misaligned Eyes

I’ve had foggy vision, headaches, and jaw pain for years but it never occurred to me that it was because of my eyes. So I asked some experts.
Tracey Anne Duncan

The Man Who Sees in Black and White

His colorblindness, he says, developed over the course of several months during his sophomore year of high school.
Nick Keppler
Seeing Is Believing

Your Brain Might Be Distorting Reality

Some researchers are finding that the things you do could change what your brain sees–but not everyone is convinced.
Shayla Love
photography book

Infrared Photography Captures the Neon World of Colorblind Islanders

On a remote island in the Pacific, a high percentage of the population sees the world in black and white.
Diana Shi
optical art

Do You See Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein in this Optical Illusion?

You can use this Einstein/Monroe illusion to determine how bad your eyes are.
Beckett Mufson
See Food

Your iPhone Can Tell the Difference Between Hot Dogs and Hammers

A developer connected his iPhone to Apple's machine learning system, and it resulted in an impressive demo and a joke straight out of HBO's 'Silicon Valley.'
Samantha Cole

What Would Life Look Like If Humans Had Enhanced Eyesight?

Bryan Chapman imagines a world transformed by the presence of strange colors, waves, and mirrors.
Francesca Capossela
The High Life

What Happens When Blind People Take Psychedelics

Visual stimuli play a critical role in the experience after all.
Thor Benson

Hear the First Song from Pet Symmetry's Sophomore Album, 'Vision'

The side project from members of Into It. Over It. and Dowsing is starting to get serious (but not too serious).
Dan Ozzi
What's Freaking Me Out

A Worrier's Guide to Shooting Lasers in Your Eyes

It's totally normal if LASIK surgery still bugs you out.
Cindy Kuzma
Asking for a friend

What if I Never Change My Disposable Contact Lenses?

You could lose a damn eye. Or it could just get really itchy.
Patia Braithwaite
remember the dress?

This Picture Has No Red Pixels—So Why Do the Strawberries Still Look Red?

Color constancy continues to confound us.
Kaleigh Rogers