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A New Browser Is Making Peer-to-Peer Web Hosting More User-Friendly

The technology behind Beaker makes it possible to host websites and share files with a few clicks.


The Creator of JavaScript Just Launched a Cryptocurrency to Improve Online Ads

Brendan Eich and the team behind the Brave web browser want to change the way advertisers, publishers and consumers connect.


Google Squashed a Chrome Extension that Flooded Ad Networks With Disinformation

For two years the AdNauseam extension helped desktop Chrome users obscure their ad profile—until Google disabled it last week.


Sorry, Ad-Blocking Will Not Be Built Into Microsoft Edge

Contrary to earlier reports, the default web browser for Windows 10 will not be able to block ads right out of the gate.


Popular Chinese Browser Transmits User Info With Terrible Encryption

Revelations about poor security in QQ Browser follow findings of vulnerabilities in other Chinese browsers.


MIT May Have Just Given the Web a Huge Speed Boost

The web can be dog slow, but some researchers at MIT are now tackling the issue head on.


Why I’d Rather Pay for the Web

My credit card is ready.


Comcast Is Annoying Customers With Pop-Ups Telling Them to Upgrade Their Modem

The company insists that it means well, but there may be unintended consequences to sending pop-up notifications to customers.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Continue to Use Outdated Versions of Internet Explorer

The web is a lot better, and safer, when you’re using a modern browser.


Here’s Why Firefox for iOS Can’t Block Ads Like It Can on the Desktop

A headline feature on the desktop, Firefox for iOS is missing the ability to block third-party trackers and advertisers.


Watch an Algorithm Make a Music Video In Your Web Browser

It pulsates with different, trippy computer-generated polygons each time.


Ad Blocking Is Coming to Your Phone, Will Soon Be Everywhere

An ad-free browser and new ad-blocking capabilities in iOS mean ads on your phone may become a thing of the past.