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Legalization Is Bringing an End to the 'Wild West' of Weed

Working in cannabis used to be a crime, but now it's looking like a real career.
VICE Staff
Weed Week

The Weed Industry Is Burning Millions on DC Lobbyists and Getting Nowhere

Cannabis companies are learning that deep pockets aren't enough to influence Congress.
Chris Roberts
Weed Week

Hip-Hop Pioneer Fab 5 Freddy Delves into the Cannabis Industry in New Netflix Doc

'Grass Is Greener' looks at the history of weed in music and how communities of color are impacted by racist drug policies.
Adryan Corcione

What It's Like to Tell Your Kids You Love Weed

As attitudes toward cannabis change with policy, parents who use the drug are exploring how to educate their kids about its risks and rewards.
Hannah Hickok
Weed Week

London's Annual 4/20 Smoke-Up Has Gone Legit

The event—traditionally a fairly amateur gathering—felt legitimate and well-organized, perhaps because legalization is getting closer.
Alex Rorison
Weed Week

The 'Wild West' of Weed Is Dying Out. Here's What's Replacing It

Working in cannabis used to be a crime, but now it's looking like a real career, complete with benefits.
Danielle Simone Brand
Weed Week

What Would it Be Like to Get High on Mars?

A very thorough answer to your very stoner question.
Mark Hay
Weed Week

For Some Legal Weed Businesses, Cryptocurrency Actually Makes Sense

Despite being recreationally legal in 10 states, cannabis businesses have to come up with creative ways to accept payment other than cash.
Jordan Pearson
Weed Week

In States That Won’t Legalize Weed, Veterans Are Changing Minds

And laws.
Rick Morgan

These are the Countries Most Likely to Legalize Weed Next

Mexico? Likely. India? Not so much.
David Hillier
Weed Week

The Best 4/20 Gifts For Your Stoner Friends, According to Their Sign

Futuristic vapes, energizing tinctures, and eco-friendly dabs to get your friends as high as the stars.
Hannah Hickok
Weed Week

We Asked People on 4/20 Where They Got Their Weed

One last 4/20 before the government becomes our drug dealer.
Sierra Bein