White Privilege

The Power and Privilege Issue

Does Leveraging Whiteness in Corporate America Mean More Than Supporting Women of Color?

I spent a decade in corporate America learning that working with white women often meant learning how to work around them on my way up the next rung of the ladder. Here's what else I learned.
Minda Honey

Why I Was Never Excited for a Black James Bond

Simply copying and pasting black skin on a white character would trivialize the whole point of a black Bond.
Noel Ransome
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Woman Told Cops She Was a 'Thoroughbred White Girl' to Get Out of a DUI

She also said that she was a cheerleader and in the National Honors Society, thinking that would somehow get her off the hook.
Drew Schwartz

All the Horrible, Racist, Sexist Shit Your Relatives Say at Holiday Dinners

Read, cringe, and learn by example.
Mica Lemiski

Want to Heal Yourself from 'Toxic Whiteness'? This Class Can Help

The people behind the self-help/intersectional feminism publication Everyday Feminism are offering a course that aims to educate people of privilege so "individual people of color don't have to."
Shahirah Majumdar

​​White Men Can’t Drunk: St. Patrick’s Day and Privilege

If you come to Manhattan on St. Patrick's Day, there are scenes to behold of local-nightly-news B-roll pageantry, but really the day is a calamity, a demolition derby of male ego and the limits of human biology.
John Saward

White People Talk About Their White Privilege

The point is not whether we choose to acknowledge or ignore the impact of race, but how white privilege defines all aspects of American life.

Living with My Post-Katrina Survivor's Guilt

While others lost everything, I stayed in FEMA-funded hotel rooms and lapped up pity from those who saw my Louisiana license plate. Instead of character, all I got out of Katrina was a party-friendly anecdote.
Megan Koester

This Is How My College Town Responded After I Called It a Racist Asshole

Let's just say I was surprised.
Eternity Martis

When You're Transgender, You Realize What Gender Privilege Looks Like

I've lived as both a dude and a girl—and I know which I prefer.
Paris Lees

Did I Get Away with Felony Drug-Dealing Charges Because I'm White?

When I was 17, I was arrested at school with my brother and our friend. Not only was I in possession of felony levels of LSD at the time, but I’d also dealt various drugs to my classmates, their friends, and underclassmen as young as 14. I was supposed...
Peter Brown Hoffmeister