White Privilege


Chelsea Handler's New Netflix Special Proves She Still Doesn't Understand White Privilege

In 'Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea' the comic stumbles through a well-meaning but misguided reckoning with her place in the world.
Kristin Corry
9 hours ago

The Disturbing Thing I Learned Studying White Privilege and Liberals

I found a blind spot in my empathy, and our study confirmed it.
Erin Cooley

'The Performative Ally, the Gatekeeper, White Passing, and Ashamed,' Today's Comic by Sami Alwani

Sami Alwani tells four different stories about privilege and shame.
Sami Alwani
The Power and Privilege Issue

Does Leveraging Whiteness in Corporate America Mean More Than Supporting Women of Color?

I spent a decade in corporate America learning that working with white women often meant learning how to work around them on my way up the next rung of the ladder. Here's what else I learned.
Minda Honey

Why I Was Never Excited for a Black James Bond

Simply copying and pasting black skin on a white character would trivialize the whole point of a black Bond.
Noel Ransome
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Woman Told Cops She Was a 'Thoroughbred White Girl' to Get Out of a DUI

She also said that she was a cheerleader and in the National Honors Society, thinking that would somehow get her off the hook.
Drew Schwartz

All the Horrible, Racist, Sexist Shit Your Relatives Say at Holiday Dinners

Read, cringe, and learn by example.
Mica Lemiski
White Privilege

Trump’s biggest fans don’t believe white privilege exists, poll says

Rex Santus
Rise Up

Police Treat People With a Mental Illness Better if They're White

When it comes to mental health and police violence, the color of your skin makes a huge difference.
Kastalia Medrano
Vice News Tonight

Rachel Dolezal wants to tell her side of the story

Dexter Thomas

Want to Heal Yourself from 'Toxic Whiteness'? This Class Can Help

The people behind the self-help/intersectional feminism publication Everyday Feminism are offering a course that aims to educate people of privilege so "individual people of color don't have to."
Shahirah Majumdar

Public Defender: Stanford Rapist Got 'Exact Same' Sentence as Person of Color Would

"People say it's because he's a Stanford kid and he's rich and the judge played lacrosse… It would have been the exact same result for a person of color."
Tess Owen