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Twitch Sues to Identify Users Who Uploaded Christchurch Video and Porn to Its Platform

Users posted the violating material to the section of Twitch for Valve-developed game 'Artifact' over Memorial Day weekend.


Leaked Documents Show Facebook’s ‘Threshold’ for Deleting Pages and Groups

During testimony to lawmakers, Facebook did not provide specifics on the threshold Pages or Groups have to cross before being deleted. Documents obtained by Motherboard layout those limits.


Inside the Chaos and Hate at Charlottesville

Saturday's alt-right rally was violent from the start. Then it got even worse.


Phillies 'Pistachio Girl' Fired for White Supremacist Remarks

Youcis had been with Aramark for the past five seasons, but she seems to be taking her dismissal well. “What’s more important,” she tweeted yesterday. “Selling nuts for a couple more years or saving the White Race from extinction?”


'Heil Trump': Members of the Alt-Right Are Looking Forward to a Whiter America

The alt-right's premiere think tank held a conference over the weekend to hose some of the most famous white supremacists in the world. This is what they said.