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British White Supremacist Behind the “Punish a Muslim” Campaign Was Just Sentenced to 12 years in Prison

The former IT analyst also sent fake anthrax to the Queen and fan mail to Dylann Roof.
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White supremacists

U.S. Marshals Are Hunting For a New Aryan Empire Leader Who Escaped From Jail

The white supremacist gang killed a government informant who ratted out their methamphetamine enterprise
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Ohio woman arrested for domestic terror plot had been corresponding with Dylann Roof

On her Tumblr page, she regularly posted memes and photos of famous mass shooters, violent images, and violent quotes.
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Neo-Nazi James Fields convicted of first-degree murder in death of Heather Heyer

He could face the death penalty for killing Heyer in the Charlottesville protests.
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Cops seize pipe bombs, rocket launcher, and lots of drugs from white supremacist gangs in Florida

At least 39 alleged white supremacists were arrested in the three-year investigation.
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Charlottesville neo-Nazi who ran Heather Heyer over with a car is claiming self-defense

In opening statements, his lawyers said they'll argue Fields felt threatened by the protesters and was in fear of serious bodily injury or death
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James Fields is going on trial for killing Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. Here's why jury selection will be tough.

Fields is facing state murder charges and 29 counts of federal hate crime charges — and the possibility of the death penalty.
Tess Owen

How the Alt-Right Is Spinning Their Humiliating 'Rally' in DC

A movement obsessed with optics is somehow finding a way to declare victory.
Allie Conti

'Unite the Right 2' Was an Incredible Self-Own for Racists

This wasn't hard to see coming.
Allie Conti
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David Duke Is Apparently Worried He Looks Like an Idiot in 'BlacKkKlansman'

The former Klan leader called up Ron Stallworth, the cop who the film is based on, because he was "concerned about how he is going to be portrayed."
Drew Schwartz
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Atomwaffen, an American Neo-Nazi Terror Group, Is in Canada

Atomwaffen's graphic designer is from Ontario, believed to be the first known Canadian in the group.
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White supremacist who beat black man in Charlottesville was just convicted

The attorney for Jacob Scott Goodwin said his client was being unfairly maligned because he was white.
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