William J. Bratton


New York's Top Cop Thinks Not Enough People Are in Jail

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is worried criminal justice reformers want to unleash hordes of "hardcore" bad guys "who have no values, no respect for human life." Is he right?


A New Report Shows How the NYPD Hassles Minorities for Petty BS

The Police Reform Organizing Project has collected more than 100 stories that flesh out what many describe as a failed system that ensnares too many blacks and Latinos.


What I Saw While Spending 16 Hours in Manhattan Criminal Court

Every day, hundreds of disgruntled defendants, overworked lawyers, and indifferent cops and judges flow through the 17-floor concrete beast that squats in lower Manhattan.


​​Does New York City Really Need 1,000 More Cops?

Police reformers aren't exactly thrilled about the idea after a year defined by brutality and protests.


​Is the NYPD Trying to Get Better at Policing Itself?

A decade after setting up a special unit to monitor the use of force by cops in Los Angeles, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is importing the idea to NYC.


New York City Cops Have a Choke Hold Problem, Says New Report

The city's new inspector general's analysis of NYPD disciplinary procedures "revealed troubling deficiencies from the top-down that must be rectified."


Is the NYPD 'Slowdown' Over Yet?

A police shooting Monday night shows that city cops are still doing their jobs, but arrest numbers remain low.


The NYPD Is Taking a Holiday from Arresting People

This past week saw New York City cops shift from symbolic protest—turning their backs on the mayor—to actually packing it up and not doing their jobs.


New York City Is on Edge After Saturday's Police 'Assassination'

Local cops, already known not to be huge fans of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, are now openly disrespecting him after two of their own were executed by a lone gunman in Brooklyn.


Two Cops Were Shot to Death in Brooklyn on Saturday

The cops were shot in their patrol car around 3 PM—subsequently succumbing to the injuries—while the gunman allegedly shot himself to death soon after.


​I Went to a Pro-NYPD Rally Last Night and It Got Ugly

On a cold Friday night in New York, about 50 people gathered to show their support for Gotham's finest, but it wasn't long before counter-protesters angry about police brutality arrived.


2014 Was a Banner Year for Injustice in America

Here's everything we learned about policing and crime this year.