Ghost Girl Eats a Whole Pizza in Today's Comic from Ines Estrada

She's really living death to the fullest.


Now Lasers Can Tell You When Fruit Is Ripe

That’s good for preventing that fruit from rotting in your fridge, but it’s even better for farmers.


Some Genius in LA Is Selling Weed Pizzas

The worst thing about pot pizza is how much you want to eat more pizza once you're stoned. Other than that, it's pretty fucking great.


Lee Tiernan

Lee Tiernan is head chef of St. John Bread & Wine, East London's little sister to the world-famous St. John Bar & Restaurant. He made us pig's head blood cakes, ox-heart and Sriracha bagels, and nearly got us set on fire.


Behold: Justin Timberlake Through the Years

Timbers has a new record out, which got us thinking about all the music he's made and all the tragic, ill-fitting leather, wraparound shades, and ramen hair he's worn over the years.


Watch the Video for HSY's "Tartar Mouth"

This video features a bunch of girls dribbling VHS goo and dancing in front of stir fry dinners. Cool.


What’s the Difference Between a Wrap and a Burrito?

When I order a wrap, it’s nearly like eating a snack. But when I order a burrito, I'm making a commitment. Burritos can come in huge sizes that measure up to a small child.


Filipino Blood Stew

Although I'm a proud half-Filipina, the cuisine has always left me wondering "WTF"?! So to conquer my fears and appease my mother, I decided to tackle some of their weirder dishes.


Drunken Jerk Chicken Patty

London's West Indian Notting Hill Carnival is the best. Its only downside (apart from all the crime, LOL!) is the overpriced food that's sold to white people with cultural guilt. So, every year I like to whip up a portable jerk chicken patty and save...


The Night the Free Syrian Army Made Me Dinner

They dared us to try fasting, so that we could have a genuine Iftar experience. Being weak-willed people who can’t go without liquids when it’s 100-plus degrees outside, we failed miserably. I didn’t want to be the first to admit this though, because...