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Who said fashion couldn't be fried in chip fat?

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Sure, you might argue that this kind of T-shirt has had its day, but in the VICE office we all agree that this Chicken Cottage version can do whatever it wants, and no-one's allowed to say shit. First of all the colours are amazing, secondly it's only £20 so you can just buy it for pyjamas anyway and thirdly, having watched Lagerfeld: Confidential last night, I'm actually pretty sure Karl would approve. The best thing about whoever made this is they didn't make 50 really shit ones like Missoni McDonald's, as well. They stuck to what they knew we would love, and we do. Want. Bad.


Fam Irvoll’s A/W 2013 LFW show was on a galaxy far, far away from any other this week. There were dancing models, "YOLO" beanies and rucksacks that would make Drake blush, and people laughing (I know, creepy right). I even let out a little squeal, but I pretended it was a sneeze because I have a reputation to uphold. We caught up with Fam after the show to talk “tacky”.

VICE: Hey Fam! Why YOLO?
Fam Irvoll: it’s just the most tacky word I know! I was going for ghetto, fab, TLC, 90s, those were my main inspirations. When I was little I sort of had these clothes, loads of graphics, so I transformed that into a collection.

Your shows are always super fun and youthful.
I just really want it all to be humorous, like everything ever to be humorous, is what I’m aiming for. I just hate it when people just walk straight and when there’s nothing happening I get bored. I want people to have fun with it!

Why do you show in London, and not your native Norway?
People are here to actually look at stuff and look at prints and everything. Back home it’s just there.The girl who sang [in the show] was my friend Lena Latoya from Norway, she played the Oslo show but I wanted her to be here too so this was the first time she’s played in London.

How did this show compare to Oslo?
It was a different show, way more mental. For here you have to “London-ise” it, make it a bit more high fashion.

Who would you love to see in top to toe Fam Irvoll?
Florence and the Machine. Or Britney Spears. I think she’s really tacky but I like that.

Image and interview by Lydia Morrish


Charlotte Free is dating her half-brother Gryphon, which is something that I feel unqualified to pass judgement on. I don’t understand it, but then, I don’t understand people who enjoy Formula 1. Anyway Charlotte Free is fully hot, so I can understand Gryphon’s motivation, and he’s not so bad himself. She announced the relationship on her Tumblr, which is the place to do stuff like that nowadays; she also uploaded some photos of herself doing a little tongue to tongue with her half-brother too. Just for proof, I guess.

Unlike most of the models who wear feathers as earrings, Charlotte Free seems genuinely freaky. Her individuality goes further than just a bleach tie dyed top and personalised denim jacket, it goes into her moral (and legal?) decisions. I think she’s probably nuts. But what do I care, I’m not going to be her possibly deformed child and neither are you, so, IDK, chill.


I have very few words right now because my mouth is a bit glued shut in appreciation, but I assure you I'm swooning inside for Prada. Wet look hair – good, gingham and turquoise leather – amazing, un-buttoned off the shoulder necklines – best. I know it's Prada and it costs 1k for a pair of socks, but there are a lot of elements to this show that fashion paupers like you and I can work into our Ebay wardrobes, promise. The fur is even meant to look a bit fake, too easy.

Literally put any cardigan pulled a bit askew (already sxe) underneath a dress you probably own already, plus a belt you can steal from your boyfriend/dad (or a shop!) Rub your hair with wet look gel that costs £1 from basically any newsagent, grab some disgusting faux fur stole which is actually perfect, and go rock "Prada" at your local Spoons. I know I'm going to.

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