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Skepta's Released a Version of "SHUTDOWN" Featuring Idris Elba

Ryan Bassil
London, GB

In the grand history of musicians collaborating with actors, things haven't tended to go so well. Bruce Willis' debut record, the delightfully titled The Return of Bruno, sounds like the flatulence left from an eighties themed high-school reunion. Joe Pesci's "Yo Cousin Vinny" is essentially a skit from a mafia-themed Disney film. And everyone from Jackie Chan to Scarlett Johanson's forays into music have left little to be desired, which led to Johnny Depp once saying actors making music off the back of movies is "sickening", unless of course they're Johnny Depp, who famously lent his talents to an Oasis album track.

But let it be remembered: all those people above are wastemen. And one man who isn't a waste man is Idris Elba, star of the Wire, Luther, a whole bunch of Hollywood blockbusters including a role as Nelson Mandela, and now, co-star on Skepta's "Shutdown". Yup. The two have released a track together and it dropped literally half an hour or so ago. Take a listen above.

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