The VICE Guide to Making 2016 Better Than 2015

A Step-by-Step Guide to Being Less Scared in 2016

A few ways to avoid pissing your pants when the paranoia starts to set in this year.
Mike Pearl

How the Left Won Canada's Culture Wars in 2015

This was the year the conservatives were supposed to win over the hearts and souls of Canada. But shit doesn't always go as planned.
Drew Brown

We Asked Comedians to Tell Us the Worst Thing That Happened to Them in 2015

Death, Trump, cruise boat pedophilia... it was a weird year for comedians.
Jordan Foisy

Watch VICE Co-Founder Suroosh Alvi's Top Ten VICE Docs of 2015

To cap off 2015, we asked some of the bigwigs around the VICE office to put together lists of their favorite documentaries from the past year. Here's Suroosh's top ten.
VICE Staff

The VICE Guide to Fashion Week 2015

We had some of our international contributors break down the world's biggest fashion weeks in an attempt to help you survive the madness.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2015

Photos of Poverty and Addiction in South Africa

Lindokuhle Sobekwa and Mikhael Subotzky take photos of a world few have access to.
Lindokuhle Sobekwa and Mikhael Subotzky
Objectively Correct Lists

Everything Exciting That May or May Not Happen in the Second Half of 2015

Oh baby, it's gonna be a good year.
Noisey Staff

The Hangover News

This long weekend, the US and Iran reached a historic nuclear deal, and a human shit in a carriage shut down a London Midland train.
Mac Hackett

A New Art Film Inspired by Your Favorite Kids' TV Shows

Claire Christerson debuts her most ambitious project to date, a short film titled Off Season.
VICE Photography
The Future According to VICE

Welcome to The Future According to VICE

A series of essays about how the world is going to change in the next few years. Why? Because it's January and hopefully we're all ready to shrug off the calamitous mess that was 2014 and stride onward into the rising sun.
Alex Miller
what we want from 2015

What We Want From Festivals in 2015

The bubble has burst.
Ryan Bassil

'Skinny' Health Insurance Plans in the US Let Employers Offer Shoddy Healthcare to Their Workers

Obamacare loopholes are making it easy for big corporations to continue screwing their employees when it comes to basic medical care.
Spencer Woodman