Child Abuse


Canada's Vigilante Pedophile Hunters Say They're Now Working with the FBI

Justin Payne—a construction worker turned pedophile hunter—has teamed up with a university professor, and they have a new approach.


Inside the West Texas Sanctuary for Kids Who Killed Their Parents

Estrella Vista is the West taken to its logical extreme—the land of no parents, where a person is just a person, not the sum of his history.


Satanists Call for Investigation into 'Satanic Panic' Killing of 8-Year-Old Boy

In 2010, Gigi Jordan killed her autistic son, claiming that she wanted to save him from a lifetime of torture and sexual abuse. According to activists from the Satanic Temple, a therapist she saw may have contributed to her Satanic ritual–related...


An Australian “Mummy Blogger” is Facing Court After Injecting Her Daughter With Urine

Medical staff noticed yeast growing in the girl's intravenous drip after the nine-year-old was admitted to hospital with renal failure.


How Women Are Being Sent to Court for Crimes Against Their Own Fetuses

Anti-abortion measures in the US are putting women at risk of being charged with crimes against their own fetuses.


What Is It About Religion That Fosters Abuse?

And more importantly, how can we stop abuse from occurring on an institutional level?


What We Know About the Child Porn Allegations Against the Guy Who Ran Subway Jared's Foundation for Kids

The raid of Jared Fogle's house might have something to do with the fact that the former director of the Jared Foundation for kids was arrested for child porn in April.


Dissecting Decades-Old Testimony in a Satanic Child Abuse Case

'Satanic abuse' cases in the 80s and 90s centered on sensational tales of animal sacrifices, murders of babies and violent orgies that children were sworn to keep secret by powerful cabals of daycare workers.


The Hangover News

This weekend, Pope Francis claimed that two percent of the clergy are paedophiles.


How to Survive Being Rescued from Sex Trafficking

In the 1990s, Alaska's foster-care system repeatedly took away my money, forcing me to work as a sex worker.


Fighting Europe's Paedophiles On Foot

Matthew McVarish is walking across Europe to campaign against child abuse.


The Glue-Sniffing Street Kids of Somaliland

They are despised and abused by just about everyone they meet.