• People Show Us Their Most Embarrassing Possessions

    Expired ecstasy pills, frozen rats and childhood photos of Harry Styles.

  • My Year of Being a Drunk Balding Loser Homo

    Photographer Dan Allegretto's 2014 sucked. He bounded from job to job, gained weight, fucked a handful of "mediocre dudes," and lost his hair.

  • Missionary Style

    I grew up in an evangelical Christian church where my father was a reverend and my mom taught Sunday school. Evangelical Christians are those real pushy Christians who think that everyone else but them are going to hell, even Catholics and Jews.

  • Do It!

    Back in my university days, I luckily had one musical ally in the form of my housemate Jack. I'd spend all day looking out of the window at next door's cat sunning itself on our tin garden shed roof and Jack would often come up, swing open the door...