Furries Tell Us How They Figured Out They Were Furries

"When I finally made the suit, it was this realization that it was like a second skin for me."
Allison Tierney
Waitangi Week

Powerful Portraits By a Young Māori Photographer Looking For His Heritage

Chev Hassett combines Māori tradition with contemporary photography.
Laura Pitcher
The Sick Day Issue

Photos of a Reimagined Childhood

In Kevin Aranibar's senior-thesis work, 'Over the Fence,' he explored his adolescent anxiety and the struggle to find an identity growing up.
Kevin Aranibar

This Photo Series Is a Gorgeous Exploration of Loss and Desire

John Edmond's 'Lovers & Friends' brings together the artist's photographs, writings, and musings about relationships, loss, and desire.
Elizabeth Renstrom

Nigel Sylvester Doesn't Need BMX Contests

On this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies' series, we sit down with the rider from Jamaica, Queens, who captured Dave Mirra's attention and took the BMX world by storm.
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2016

Portraits of Australia’s African Migrants

Atong Atem's portrait photography explores the complicated sense of identity migrants often have, the idea of feeling suspended between two worlds and never fully belonging to either.
Atong Atem
The Photo Issue 2016

A Japanese Photographer Examines Identity Stereotypes

Eighteen-year-old Izumi Miyazaki cites a number of surrealists as her inspiration in her thoughtful, wry, and precise work on identity stereotypes, setting cultural clichés alongside grotesque or awkward elements.
Izumi Miyazaki
The Photo Issue 2016

Photographer and Video Artist Gillian Wearing Takes a Self-Portrait While Wearing a Mask of Her Own Face

Here, she wears an envy mask: a mask of her own face.
Gillian Wearing

The Crazy, Failed Idea of Creating a Jewish State in Russia

Birobidzhan was a small region near the Chinese border in Russian that was established as the world's first autonomous Jewish region in the early 1930s. It didn't last long.
Peter Moskowitz

Gorgeous Photos from Inside the Cuban American Queer Scene

Alexis Ruiseco's images seem at once artfully composed and spontaneous, subversive and glamorous.
Alexis Ruiseco

Identity and Experience Are Examined Through the Portraiture of Eva O'Leary

Irish-American photographer Eva O'Leary's images burst with crisp, bright colors and demand attention.
Eva O’Leary

Does the Relationship Change, When One Partner Comes Out As Trans?

Four months ago, while on holiday, Anja returned to her room to find her boyfriend, Tim, trying on her underwear. "Would you still be together with me if I were a girl?" he asked.
Sofia Faltenbacher