I'm Obsessively Afraid that I Might Kill My Parents

Harm OCD is the obsessive fear of not being able to stop yourself from doing something terrible.
Octave Paradis

Living and Dealing with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

These two women have found an effective way to treat their BDD which doesn't involve doctors.
Michelle Olley
The Crown and Spectre Issue

I Hired a Millennial Life Coach

I wanted to know why so many people in their 20s are entering the multibillion-dollar, nebulously defined life-coaching industry.
Amanda Shapiro

Living with a Partner Who Has OCD Is Hell

Because of his OCD, my boyfriend won't touch anything he perceives as "dirty"—public door handles, chipped cups, even his own girlfriend.
Maya Rue Zemi
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Where Did My OCD Come From?

There's always been a big part of me that wanted to believe that OCD is genetic, that my mum's DNA – rather than her behaviour – gave me OCD. But I've realised that pointing the finger isn't that important when you want to get well.
Anonymous Author
VICE vs Video games

Anxiety Disorders and the Great Escape Video Gaming Can Provide

I spoke to the developer Matt Gilgenbach, who channelled his own OCD into Neverending Nightmares.
Joe Donnelly

Are Spot Squeezing Videos the New Porn?

Millions of us compulsively watch them in secret.
Sophie Wilkinson

Stop Pussyfooting Around My OCD

It's better to talk about mental illness and fuck-up than stay silent.
Rose Bretécher, Illustrations: James Burgess

Perfectionism Is a Mental Illness and It's Ruining My Life

It's ruining my professional life and making me be awful to my girlfriend.
James Nolan
mental illness

Bless This Mess

At 8 AM on a sunny Tuesday morning I am on my way to a crisis site on East End Avenue at 82nd Street. The call had come in an hour or so earlier. "I presume you're in good physical fitness," Ron Alford had warned me over the phone. Ron is the director...
Molly Young, Photos: Clement Holder
mental illness

Weather and Sleep

Those of you old enough to remember the 80s know that it was the decade in which everyone suddenly realized they were bisexual. In the 90s, we diagnosed ourselves as bipolar and prescribed ourselves cocaine. Then in the 2000s, we all suffered the mass...
Illustrations by Jim Krewson

Electric Independence

My part-time-MC/stylist roommate, Miss Matches, has OCD.
Raf + Vince