short story

  • Racist Assassinations and Flying Perverts: Drones in the 22nd Century

    A special report for VICE from the year 2072.

  • Some Nights We Tase Each Other

    A short story by Adam Wilson.

  • The Minor Outsider

    He was 29 and he liked to watch people shoot drugs into their arms on YouTube while he ate the Safeway version of Cheerios. He’d never done heroin. He was a coward.

  • Zanesville

    All of Nathaniel's short story is fictional, except for the monkey with herpes. That's true.

  • Turtle Boys

    A hitherto unpublished investigation of the mutant anatomy of turtle boys.

  • A Puzzle

    This is a short story by Stanisław Lem that has remained unpublished in English until now.