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Converse Get Loud!

Converse are giving you the chance to get a real life rock'n'roll tattoo and go to a free gig. How nice.

01 august 2013, 8:00am

I've always been a Converse fan, it being the sneaker that deals the best with sticky dance floors.

That in mind, Converse are announcing the launch of the Chuck Taylor All Star Rock Craftsmanship sneaker collection, which is rammed full of animal prints and silhouette designs to capture the spirit of rebellion and rock ‘n’ roll. A combination of studs, zips and leather add a tough streak to the collection and help capture that “Get Loud” attitude.

To celebrate the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in the flesh (literally IN the flesh) Converse are taking over ‘The Circle’ tattoo parlour on Soho’s Noel Street for the month of August, giving fans the chance to take the ultimate rock 'n' roll plunge and get inked.

From today Converse at The Circle is offering 60 daring fans the chance to get inked by internationally renowned artists including Adrien Edek, Matt “Oddboy” Barrett-Jones, Kamil Mocet and Frederick Reinel.

On top of that, Converse will pay homage to its on-going commitment to music by hosting a series of wall-punchingly energetic gigs from the basement of The Circle; heralding musicians whose tattoos show off their own rock credentials.

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The following artists will be performing live at The Circle:

7th August Metz

17th August Pure Love

22nd August Bring Me The Horizon

pure love
Bring Me The Horizon