Omar Souleyman


12 akavede og fantastiske ting, jeg aldrig havde troet, jeg skulle opleve på festival

Heartland Festival gav mig en række mere og mindre uforglemmelige oplevelser, som ingen anden festival har givet mig før.


Tab hjernen til Omar Souleymans nye "Es-Samra"-video

En ny dag, og en ny smuk video på internettet. Velkommen til!


Omar Souleyman's Endless Charm: Berating the Heart and Cursing Fate

The Syrian musician continues to use his art as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures, and his latest album 'Bahdeni Nami' is a elegant addition to his body of work.


Things You Should Go See at Distortion Ø

From Omar Souleyman to Actress.


Just Jam at the Barbican is Finally Going To Happen

JME, Big Narstie and Omar Souleyman will join Tim & Barry at the event this December.


After the Police Shutdown - How Just Jam was Saved

The only reviewer at the event, Josh Hall recounts one of the most special evenings of music he's ever seen.


The Police Can't Shutdown the Internet: Just Jam Announce Their Next Move Tomorrow

Their show at the Barbican was shut down by the police but they'll be announcing something new at 4pm tomorrow. UPDATE: The event will be streaming live tonight at 6pm. Line-up includes JME, Omar Souleyman, Big Narstie and SOPHIE.


Omar Souleyman: The Coolest Man in the Universe

How Omar Souleyman went from a wedding singer in Syria to the biggest star in the Middle East to American experimental music's most unlikely crossover.