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Thurston Moore Is the Patron Saint of Music Nerds

We spoke with the Sonic Youth founder about Norwegian black metal, Henry Rollins' tape collection, and Bernie Sanders.
Kim Kelly
The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Reimagined the Logos of Your Favorite Bands

More than ever, success in the music biz requires a savvy sense of branding, so we tweaked some band logos to be more suited for the era at hand.
Kyle Kramer

Glenn Branca's Really Experimental Music: Why the Composer Is Still Punk After All These Years

If art music and rock music sat at either end of a scale, Glenn Branca would be standing on the fulcrum, smashing each side with as many guitars as possible.
Keagon Voyce

This Vinyl Revival Is Sucking the Life and Fun out of Music Collecting

What was once a quiet world of treasures is becoming a commercial minefield.
Emma Garland

How a 20-Year-Old Punk Kid and the Minutemen Pioneered Mainstream Music Festival Culture

Stuart Swezey's Desolation Centre shows were illicit desert festivals – drug-addled parties for LA punks which would influence Coachella and Lollapalooza and then disappear as quickly as they came.
Joseph Bien-Kahn

Martin Bisi Probably Produced All Your Favorite Records

The Gowanus-based super-producer’s BC Studio is the subject of a new documentary.
Brad Cohan

Kim Gordon Is a Badass Feminist Rock Goddess

The former Sonic Youth cofounder, frontwoman and bassist on her bestselling new memoir, <i>Girl in a Band,</i> writing songs about Karen Carpenter and the <i>Sports Illustrated</i> Swimsuit Issue and LL Cool J's surprising favourite rock band.
Elissa Schappell
Style Stage

'A Girl In a Band' - The Seven Stages of Kim Gordon

To celebrate the release of Kim Gordon's autobiography—out next week—we break down her life into seven stages.
Leonie Cooper
we saw this

I Saw Nirvana Play to Two Hundred People. In 2014.

Grohl / Smear / Novoselic reunite for an intimate performance at a small Brooklyn venue
Fred Pessaro
What I Learned About Style…

What I Learned About Style From Sonic Youth's "Bull In The Heather"

We can all sit in a hugging circle and cry together about the Sonic Youth break up, but at least the subliminal teachings in their videos live on and on and on.
New music

Watch The New Video For "Josie" From Vancouver Sadgaze Trio Cascadia

Don't call it a (90s) comeback.
Sasha Hecht

Richard Kern's Films Are Still Shocking as Hell

"The guy who's lifting weights in it got killed about two years ago, somebody shot him finally."
Christian Storm