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We caught up with the humans of Caninus. The dogs wouldn't deign to meet with us.
Κείμενο Francie Grace

Photo by Peter Sutherland

Humans beings have said enough. Human beings have made enough music. It's time to let the animals have a voice. They probably want to tell us all kinds of shit. Caninus lay down a grinding death metal churn while their wise beasts vocalize over the top. It's intense—you'd swear that you can make out words in there, or at least get the gist of what these dogs are saying. We caught up with the humans of Caninus. The dogs wouldn't deign to meet with us. VICE: When did you decide to have dogs as your singers? Caninus: When we realised how many shitty bands out there have singers trying to sound like animals anyway. We wanted to give the people the REAL thing. Bona fide growls from non-humans. Not just some dude who lives in his mom's basement who's pissed because he still has dial-up. Is this a joke on or a tribute to the kind of music that you play behind the dogs? A tribute. We've been fans of grind and death metal since that Terrorizer album that pretty much started it all. Some diehards have said what we're doing is blasphemy. Give me a break. Some people take themselves too seriously. What are the dogs' names? Budgie and Basil. How do you go about recording the vocals? It's an industry trade secret. But it involves lots of rawhide and doorbells. Have you ever played live? Not yet, but we've had lots of offers. We're working on it. Are you animal activists? Yes. We're all vegan and we put the band together to have fun but also to spread the message of veganism, animal rights, and the importance of adopting over buying dogs and cats. We support the ASPCA. A lot of the lyrics are about the demonization of pit bulls in the media. What's next for Caninus? World domination. After that, a nap. **[ ](**