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Enter a Fluid Cosmos of Synesthesia & Dub Techno

Enlighten your afternoon with an hour of swirling footage by PUPIL Visuals set to Dave Marian's subterranean techno.

Are you the kind of person who gets into conversations about spacetime and the nature of the universe et al. minutes into meeting someone? Do you regularly find yourself staring into pupils until you can see the soul at its most bare, dancing like a flame? Are you a close-talker, even when you're quiet? Basically what I'm asking is: Do you like to go deep?

If you answered yes (or even thought twice) about any of the above questions, have we got the afternoon mix for you: the dark minds over at PUPIL Visuals set about an hour's worth of stunning fluid visuals to the shimmering dub techno sounds of Dave Marian's mix for South African underground music platform, Intrinsic Audio Sessions, and the results are simply engrossing. Says PUPIL, "The aim of the experiment was to investigate the relation between sound and image, as perceived by a synaesthete. The video is atmospheric and surreal, slow and minimal, and does not pander to impatient eyes. Its abstract, ever-changing shapes and sounds elicit an infinity of interpretations, unique to each viewer." Though it was shot using a macro lens in a tiny aquarium, an entire universe emerges. Turn on, tune in, and drop out to Cosmos:


Dave Marian / / PUPIL : : Cosmos from P U P I L on Vimeo.

Click here to visit PUPIL's website.


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