In MF DOOM's Latest Video, Kanye West Gets Assassinated

"Presidential hopeful West" gets taken out in "Assassination Day," a video from DJ Muggs' latest project, 'Dia del Asesinato.'

MF DOOM made two appearances on DJ Muggs's latest Soul Assassins project, Dia del Asesinato. The livelier of the two tracks was "Assassination Day" with Kool G Rap, in which he reeled off a verse that sounded seething at his half-pace, but didn't seem to take aim at anyone in particular. The video for the song, released over the weekend and somehow not shared a million times online, is different.

Directed by DJ Muggs himself and set in the year 2020, it opens with a skeleton-faced man preparing for a covert assignment. He suit up as a cleaner and drives past police officers beating a black man on the street and into a political rally. There, a swastika-tattooed man holds up a sign that reads "SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE!" A hoard of people have "KEEP AMERICA GREAT 2020" signs. Our protagonist walks to the top of a non-descript building, pulls out a sniper rifle, and sets his sight on the man leading proceedings: white shirt, red tie, maybe a little overweight. But when the shot zooms up, it's Kanye West rather than the incumbent president who's waving to the masses. The "cleaner" takes his shot, hitting West in the head, and a white woman covered in blood starts screaming. The last shot shows Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin pointing and laughing at a news report detailing the assassination of "Presidential hopeful West."

Watch it at the top of the page.

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