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Telfar Threw a NYFW Afterparty in a White Castle in Hell's Kitchen

Joey LaBeija and Michael Magnan DJed from behind the counter while Kingdom, Mike Q, and L-Vis 1990 got lit with the fast food chain's cashiers.

New York Fashion Week's most outrageous party didn't go down in a glitzy club or have Kanye and Kim on the guestlist. Instead, it happened in an honest-to-god White Castle in New York, where buzzy young designer Telfar celebrated the debut of his new collection with a burger-fueled afterparty.

In what must be a hangry model's fever dream come true—or a throwback to time 90s club kid Michael Alig and his friends raved inside the Times Square McDonalds—White Castle shut down its Hell's Kitchen location on Monday night for Telfar and his crew. (They also sponsored the designer's runway show earlier that day, giving out burgers backstage to the models.)


Will never not be obsessed with @youngbrknfamous @michaelmagnan going off at @TELFARGLOBAL's @whitecastle party
— Trolland Barthes (@MichelleLhooq) September 15, 2015

At the party, the kitchen served a special menu that included jalapeno cheeseburgers and chicken rings, and Telfar's logo substituted the usual White Castle design in custom-made menus.

Local DJs Michael Magnan and Joey LaBeija spun from behind the ordering counter. "I played everything including Latin house, techno, hip-hop, and pussy tracks," says Magnan. "It was seriously the most lit thing I've eve experienced. The White Castle Vice President was there and he was having a blast—all the workers were going off dancing too."

Telfar Clemens with a guest at his afterparty

"It was such a New York moment," adds LaBeija, whose set included "throwback hood shit" and all the reggaeton classics. "It was like, wow, now I get why people come here. Things like this need to happen more, but they won't, which is what makes it so special—nothing could be this legendary ever. It was honestly the highlight of my career."

Telfar says he was keen to have White Castle sponsor his show because "they're a family-owned company that produced Harold and Kumar and are into unconventional things. They're a perfect match with how we brand ourselves, and were so down to integrate themselves beyond a sponsor that they came and hung with us. It was super cute."

"I party a lot," the designer notes, "but this seemed really honest and fun. It was really old-school New York, and although this wasn't renegade the way club kids used to just meet up at a McDoanlds with their speakers, I thought it was the funnest party period, and a nice way to thank the people I've worked with. I don't know if I could outdo myself next season!"

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