This story is over 5 years old.

Premiere: The Rhythm Method - "Ode to Joey"

Watch this video and marvel as two of Britain's greats, Oasis and Robbie Williams, combine once more.

We first covered the Rhythm Method back in May, 2014, in a piece we called "The Music Scene in Britain is Amazing, You're Just Looking in the Wrong Place". Back then they only had one track on their Soundcloud - "Ode to Joey". That was followed up with the video for "Local, Girl" and now, circling back round, "Ode to Joey's" been given the video treatment.

There are several great things in this video. A poster of the emperor of British pop, Robbie Williams, champion of Uno and the man behind the consumate bangers "Angels", "Let Me Entertain You", and "Millenium"; an Oasis shirt; football kits; cooking in a desperately crowded kitchen with a bottle of sugar-free Ribena on the side; the Morning Star; showering in a grotty little room. All things said, it's an embodiment of home-living in our great country, Great Britain. On top of that, "Ode to Joey" remains a banger.

Catch them at The Betsey Trotwood on the 19th August.