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BURN Premiere Ferocious EP 'From the Ashes,' The Hardcore Band's First New Music Since 2001

The New York hardcore band returns with new music and a tour.

Photo by Aga Hairesis

Last year, we did an interview with the legendary hardcore band BURN ahead of their return to the stage at Black N Blue Bowl last May at Webster Hall. After spending some time with the band in the studio, they gave us the lowdown on what has been happening over the last few decades. Now, the group has returned with a new EP called From the Ashes (their first new music since 2001's Cleanse) that will release on July 15 on Bridge Nine. Excited? Us too. And we're even more excited to tell you that you can stream it right now if you just scroll down a little bit.


Of the exciting new EP, vocalist Chaka Malik has this to say: "BURN has so much left to share that it was inevitable that we would regroup at some point in time. With the flames stoked high in our personal lives, the intensity and passion that makes us who we are as a band needs to come to light once again."

BURN is one of those bands that, if you run into somebody who knows what you're talking about, they'll freak the fuck out. So, friends, let's freak the fuck out together, and stream From the Ashes now. You can pre-order it here. The band is also going on tour—see those dates below.

BURN on tour:

April 13 Phoenix, AZ @ The Nile
April 15 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
April 16 Austin, TX @ The Sidewinder
April 17 San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger
April 18 Houston, TX @ Walters Downtown
April 20 St. Petersburg, FL @ Local 662
April 27 - Lichtenstein, Germany @ Juz Riot
April 28 Saarlouis, Germany @ Jus Saarlouis
April 29 Schweinfurt, Germany @ Alter Stattbahnhof
April 30 Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock Fest
May 1 Berlin, Germany @ S036
May 2 London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
May 27-29 Seattle, WA @ Rain Fest
August 4-7 Philadelphia, PA @ This is Hardcore Fest
August 12-14 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (The Wrecking Ball)