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Valy Mo's First Release on Nest is Required Listening

And the Frenchman explains his facepaint, vendetta against genres, and love for Tchami
August 13, 2014, 9:40pm

OWSLA subsidiary Nest has been quietly churning out important releases from all over the electronic spectrum since it was re-imaigned as a free label earleir this year. Everyone from AC Slater to Anna Lunoe has doled out tunage for free via the label's HQ. Their latest release is the Tokyo Bright EP by Valy Mo, a progressively minded producer from France, and it might just be one of their most salient discoveries yet.


The emerging talent has been labelled "the best up-and-coming producer at the moment" by Kissy Sell Out at BBC1, and the tracks off of Tokyo Bright bring the soulful bassweight in a totally fresh way. Check out the track "Reflection" ft. Fukuu:

It's not just his tunes that are striking, the white square of facepaint Valy Mo wears is instantly recognizable. "I wanted to add a visual universe in my live shows as an other way to express myself," he tells THUMP. "I decided to paint my face to personify this idea into a neutral gimmick which doesn't fit with any trend."

The EP is rangy and in no way stylistically bound to any one place. Mo explains, "I don't like genres, they are short-lived and I don't want to be identified to one of them. I think an artist needs to find his own style and involve his music through this, no need to follow a genre." Case in point, the title track "Tokyo Neon" :

Valy Mo continues the current trend of French producers pushing things forward with tracks that are at once intellectually stimulating and viscerally moving. "In France, we consider that electronic music is a part of our culture," Mo explains. "Often I discover new talented french producers that I would like to collaborate with. Tchami, for example, inspires me for building my tracks, and if I had "a free card to collaborate with any French artist," I would ask him."

"I matched with Nest and OWSLA because of their family feeling, having a good time and sharing the same passion for music, also the ambition to bring it further. They followed my work since my remixes of Crystal Castles and the Subs and I like their politic of free content, so I sent my demos and asked if they would like to release them." I guess it's that easy, huh? Maybe it is when you're this good.

Valy Mo on FB // Soundcloud
Nest on FB // Soundcloud

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