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Vine Is Dead, Long Live Vines

The company announced it will be shutting down the app, but is keeping all of its videos for archival proposes, so don't completely freak out just yet.
Photo via Wikimedia

Thursday morning, popular video app Vine dropped a bomb on Medium and announced that it's shutting down.

"Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we'll be discontinuing the mobile app," the tech company said in the announcement. "We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way."

Twitter purchased the app in 2012 and helped it to become home to more than 40 million users who have created 1.5 billion videos since 2013. The news of the cut follows Twitter's announcement that it will be letting go around 350 people, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In May, the Wall Street Journal reported that many Vine stars were abandoning the app, which advertisers and marketers had soured on, for competitors like Facebook and other platforms.


But in its prime, the app gave any ordinary jabrone with an iPhone the ability to gain six seconds of fame, and in some cases, the chance to become famous enough to land movie deals, TV shows, and millions of social media followers.

As a small silver lining, Vine announced it would keep all of its videos up for archival purposes, and assured people that its changes won't be immediate. So don't completely freak out just yet, you'll still be able to watch incredible looped video content like:


Let's not forget:

And of course:

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