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Your Gift Guide for Virgo, the Perfectionist of the Zodiac

Finally, a handy guide to help you choose a flawless gift for the pickiest sign.
August 20, 2019, 2:30pm

Generous Virgo gives all year, and now that their solar return has arrived, it’s time for us to spoil them back! Virgos are down-to-earth, creative, inquisitive, and sensual earth signs who—as modest as they may be at times—appreciate a thoughtful gift. It’s true that Virgos are picky, but luckily we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect gift for the flawless Virgo in your life.


As an earth sign, Virgos are practical, logical, and creative people who enjoy connecting with nature. Many have a natural green thumb or love animals. Their minds tend to stay busy, so connecting with flora and fauna helps them slow down and get grounded!

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Help them get their hands dirty without literally getting dirty, with this cute pair of weeder gloves for the garden.

floral weeder gloves

To take it up a notch—this clean-looking, odorless composter looks like a work of art and turns food scraps into fertilizer:

Or, if dirt and fertilizer just aren’t their thing, a chic, indoor, soilless gardening kit that grows herbs using hydroponic technology can be the best of both worlds.

garden growing kit

Modern Sprout Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit

And for some inspiration, they might like this book about how a scientist’s discovery of plant communication changed her life.

Throughout the ages, Virgo has been associated with wheat. Let your Virgo friend have some fun with that, like with this beer kit.

Virgo might be the sign of service, but they’re also quite psychedelic despite their buttoned-up appearance! This book by illustrator Brian Blomerth documents the world’s first acid trip, in his signature technicolor comic style.

Self-care might be a popular concept today, but it’s old news for Virgo, who’s been focused on cosmic wellness since day one. They would likely enjoy these therapeutic CBD products, or to unwind with some lavender bath salts.

More DIY-oriented Virgos would love this book of natural self-care recipes for everything from bath soaks to deodorants.

Wild Beauty

Virgo is ruled by communication planet Mercury, so an accessory for their cell phone can be a fun play on this, like this rose quartz case, because what earth sign doesn’t appreciate crystals?

Rose quartz phone case

Many Virgos have a neat and detail-oriented personality. A great way to help them express this is through fragrance, like this perfume that smells like fancy, fresh laundry.

Virgo is associated with the Hermit card in the tarot. Most versions of this card show a figure holding a lantern, a symbol of inner knowledge:

For budget options, this lantern with fireflies and this one with crystals also tap into Virgo’s nature-loving side.

Analytical Virgo can’t believe that some people find coding difficult—like most things, it’s easy for them! If you know a Virgo who’d be interested in learning, they may love the gift of an online class.

Nothing satisfies Virgos like seeing things neatly set in their place! Your Virgo friend would appreciate this simple, clear drawer organizer set.

Or if they’re into a more elegant aesthetic, this velvet accessories tray in a neutral color would work.

If your Virgo friend has already binge-watched everything Marie Kondo, help them study up on the full Konmari method.

Your Virgo friend is probably one of the busiest people you know—help them get more done! A password organizer is an essential tool to streamline their online life.

Each zodiac sign rules a body part, and Virgo’s is the stomach. Give yours a fun take on a cookbook, or a portable water purifier to tap into their love of sustainability.

This earth sign loves some neutrals. Get them something with earthy tones, like this elegant-yet-functional tote, this one featuring animals and botanicals, or these earrings to tap into their mystical side.

Tote bag
Travel bag
Mystic hoop earrings

Virgo might be a busybody at work, but they’ll always have a youthful edge. They may like a classic game they can enjoy with friends, like this one which prominently features their symbol—wheat.

If they already have a set, a game piece organizer would complement it perfectly for organized Virgos.

Virgos are the “virgins” of the zodiac, and while virginity is a social construct, these gifts are cute:

Virgin cocktails

Virgos love their alone time. Help them rest and reconnect with themselves! This eye pillow, for example, is versatile and portable, works with headphones, and is ideal for meditation; and this necklace can help with breathing exercises.

eye pillow

This meditation deck featuring plants can help clear your Virgo friend’s mind and set their intentions for each day, or this one featuring animals is a great self-reflection option, too! We haven’t met a Virgo yet that didn’t get along well with animals.

Virgo is on a quest for knowledge—they love to learn, but they don't like to waste their time. Gift them this class by master astrologer Chris Brennan on Electional Astrology, a technique that teaches you how to pick the best moment to start something, whether it's a business or even a marriage!

A solar return means a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. Help your Virgo friend shed the last year like snakeskin and begin anew.

As an earth sign, Virgo is very tuned into their senses. They would enjoy a gift like this aromatic candle that turns into a luxurious massage oil.

Lelo massage candle

And because Virgo doesn’t need any mess in their lives, they’d appreciate owning sleek, clean, warming lube dispenser.

Happy solar return to all the Virgos out there! They’re all flawless, fun, and will always be brutally honest with us when our outfit looks bad or they dislike our new crush. For that, we love them.

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