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Actual Cuckolds Are Pissed Off at the Far Right Using 'Cuck' as an Insult

Cucks are people too.
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There have been about 3,000 unexpected twists in the 2016 political season, and one of them is that for the first time in about a hundred years, it's relatively normal to bash someone for being a "cuckold," or for "cuckoldry," a.k.a. getting cheated on by one's wife.

Cuckolds never disappeared, of course. Many men in BDSM and swingers communities identify as cuckolds, and take special pleasure when the women in their lives get fucked by other guys, sometimes even trying to help the process along. But members of the amorphous conservative morass known as the alt-right seem to use the term as a taunt. They use the BDSM scene's shortened version of the word, "cuck," most likely to avoid sounding like Martin Prince from The Simpsons.


Cuck basically means liberal now. But not just liberal: Weak, feminine, politically correct, and generally un-Trump-like. And if you venture a little further to the right on the political spectrum "cuckoldry" shows up in racist conspiracy theories. White men are supposedly being "cuckolded"—literally and figuratively—by black men, and it's making America into a bunch of "cucks." So-called "cuckservatives," are mostly establishment Republicans, those who are afraid of or opposed to the Islamophobia and border walls favored by the likes of Trump.

Liberals tend not to get bent out of shape about having the word cuck directed at them. And why would they? It's a critique of non-conservatives for not being conservative. But if anyone stands to be offended at the word cuck being thrown around with such reckless abandon, it would be self-identified cucks.

Dave is a Southern California entrepreneur and part-time "alpha cuck" in his mid-forties. He was kind enough to explain to us what an "alpha cuck" is exactly, and he said he wasn't thrilled about his sexual identity being used to slander liberals.

The conversation below has been edited for length.

VICE: Hi, Dave! I hear you're a cuck.
Dave: I'm pretty much the consummate cuckold.

A lot of people on the right are using the term "cuck" lately. Are they using it right?
They don't know what it means within the scene. They believe it means inferior. They don't realize that there certainly are a lot of alpha cucks out there.


Is race involved in cuckoldry?
One girl in particular subbed [meaning she was submissive] to black guys and dommed [or dominated] white guys. It's kind of like reparations play. In observing some of her cuckolds, and just hearing their comments, it was, for them too, an "I'm sorry" thing.

Do you see yourself as either liberal or conservative?
I don't want to pick on one side or the other. If I took that position and agreed with it, it would be pitting one against the other, and I think both are fucked up. Last [election] I voted for Romney. I have voted for Al Gore. Looking back, it was a mistake.

Do other cucks share your political views?
I don't know any other than myself that are non-partisan. I do know that most people in the scene tend to be [politically] left.

Something you see online lately is cuckolding being used as a metaphor for other races intruding upon white society. Do you feel like cucks want that?
I honestly don't see it that way. I believe that there is a fear—looking at what is happening in European countries—there's a legitimate concern. [But] unfortunately always in politics you get one side that's locked into one thing and another that's into another, because they've gotten out of cooperation. They've gotten into full competition. "My side this, your side that," type of thing, rather than working together.

So what do you think of the people online using the term "cuck" as a slur?You're getting a lot of people that are hiding behind personas. They're not putting their own name out there, so they'll attack another. Look at the Elizabeth Warren versus Donald Trump thing. As silly as that is, it's less silly than two people that won't identify themselves going after each other. Trolls, for example.

Do you resent seeing the term "cuck" used by trolls?
I think today's "cuck" is the new "gay." Remember when that was a slur? I think eventually it'll evolve into an accepted lifestyle.

Are you a feminist?
To a hardcore feminist female, probably not. In reality, I think so. To me, it's somebody that stands for and behind women. There's a famous quote, "Before every good man is a good woman." I tend to take that view, but I also tend to give it my own twist: "Behind every good woman is a devoted cuck."

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