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[Visual Dictionary] Brain Waves on Killer Acid

Visual definitions shed light on 2015's biggest art trends.
Image courtesy of the artist

We asked some of our favorite artists to visually define some ideas and genres we felt had a big presence in 2015. Rob Corradetti, a.k.a., Killer Acid, injects mind-twisting style into the world of brain wave art by outfitting the cranial organ with an EEG scanner. With a portfolio that ranges from album artwork for the Black Lips, to Wiz Khalifa, and even Mac Demarco, to multiple satirical comic book series, Killer Acid has drawn a lot of brains. Now they can talk.


Painters paint, sculptors sculpt, illustrators illustrate, and brain wave artists manipulate data generated by brain wave scanners to create new kinds of experiences. Brain waves can be turned into music, light shows, and meditative visuals—and that's just the surface of a brand new medium beginning to be scratched. Artists as diverse as performance artist Marina Abramovic, Russian tinkerer ::vtol::, and South Korean interactive artist Lisa Park have made compelling artwork by crunching brain wave data, and this illustration is what we imagine that would look like on Killer Acid.

Here are some brain wave artists who popped in 2015.

Lisa Park, Eunoia II, 2014. Image courtesy the artist

Lisa Park

Peter Crnokrak

Scott Chasserot

Connection Codes

Brian Foo

Behnaz Farahi

Aiste Noreikaite

Image courtesy the artist

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