This Incredible Mod Turns 'Doom' Into a Playable Magic Eye Puzzle

'OMDO,' which might seem like a random, colorful pattern, is actually a playable version of 'Doom.'

I loved the original Doom when it came out in 1993, and I still play it occasionally 25 years later because the modding community keeps adding to and changing the game to make it new and different.

Whether it's the legendary Brutal Doom mod that just makes it more fun to play, or mods that make it play like Wolfenstein 3D or Call of Duty, someone out there is always doing something wacky to Doom to make it worth revisiting.


OMDO, a Doom mod that turns it into playable Magic Eye book, is one of the wackiest Doom mods I've seen yet.

Magic Eye books, in case you're unfamiliar, contain those colorful, seemingly random images that, when you relax your gaze or cross your eyes, become three-dimensional images. You'll look at a pattern that seems like it has no discernable shape, but after a while, if you do it right, you'll see that it contains a 3D apple, or something.

OMDO does the same thing for Doom. You're looking at one of those colorful patterns, but it's actually a playable version of Doom. I downloaded it, tried it, and it totally works. It's nuts.

I could always see the 3D images hidden in Magic Eye books, but I'm an eye crosser as opposed to an eye relaxer, which as far as I understand is why the 3D-ness recedes into image for me rather than pop out, which I always thought made it harder to understand what I was looking at. It was pretty hard to play OMDO as well, but I definitely managed to shoot an imp to death with a pistol.

It's truly one of the nuttiest Doom mods I've seen yet, and you can download and play it for free via its page.