TikTok Users Claim a Magic Song Is Changing Their Lives

A Soundcloud song from last year is manifesting good luck for a swath of TikTok users.
A screenshot of a tiktok featuring the so-called miracle song.
Image Source: Punkfect

Users on TikTok are claiming a magic song is changing their life.

People on TikTok have claimed that making a video using the song “Time In Oblivion” by IANO and saving it in your drafts will cause something “life changing” to happen to you. This is yet another expression of the wellness trend of “manifesting,” which is basically just thinking about good things happening until they happen. 


Despite the unlikeliness of a song changing your life in a non-Garden State sense, hundreds of users are claiming that making a video with “Time In Oblivion” has caused good things to happen to them, like it’s happened to this person, who randomly found $400. So far, more than 1 million people have posted videos with this sound. With those kinds of numbers, it makes sense that at least some people will have coincidentally had good days after “using” the song.

Or this person, who got a call back from New York Models after saving the song in their drafts.


Or even this person, who simply wanted to do well on their final. After saving the song in their drafts, they ended up getting a 95 on the test.

Unlike Grabovoi codes, another manifesting scam that took over Tik Tok, “Time in Oblivion '' doesn't have any mystical or conspiratorial history. “Time In Oblivion'' was uploaded to Soundcloud last year, and was the very first song uploaded by IANO. They’re still making music though, and uploaded a new album last week. Their music is mostly laid back electronic instrumentals, and besides “Time In Oblivion” it doesn’t seem to have caught on. As of writing, they have 418 followers on SoundCloud, and other than their miracle song, each track has less than a thousand listens.

Like so many testimonials about manifesting, it seems more likely that thinking a lot about good things happening to you made you notice that good thing more. In order to get a call back from a modeling agency, you must have already submitted a portfolio. Getting a good grade on a test, even without studying, may seem like a big deal when you are in high school but truly isn’t that big of a deal at all. 

I’m not sure what to say about that person who found $400 next to their car though. Maybe they have tapped into the powers of the universe and manifested that money. It’s just as likely that they, like so many people on the internet before them, are obfuscating the truth in order to get attention.