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The Painful Secret Behind Rick and Morty's Boozy Burps

Watch one supercut of countless burps.
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This article was originally published on October 13, 2015, but we think it still rocks!

Rick and Morty is over for "a year and a half…or longer," according to Mr. Poopy Butthole, but there's still reruns, and we can watch the whole series on the Adult Swim website. It looks like the folks at Digg must have done it a lot because they're just released a Ricktastic supercut of every single burp in both seasons of the animated show.


As longtime watchers know, this is a lot of burps. When you're watching it, you immediately become aware of all the gas building in your own stomach, and I'd be surprised if you didn't let out at least one or two quiet ones. Seeing, hearing, and feeling the pure magnitude of what we're calling The Burpercut, makes you realize just how prodigious Justin Roiland, co-creator and voice of both Rick and Morty, really is. We asked him how he does it, and the answer is fascinating, horrifying, and a little bit frightening.

"I can't burp on command," Roiland tells Creators. "I have to sit there with a low-calorie beer—or a regular beer, depending on what day it is and what kind of mood I'm in—and a bottle of water and blow air into my stomach. It's this whole fucking process, it's disgusting." Roiland's worst recording session ever was his first. During the pilot, he and co-creator Dan Harmon hadn't quite nailed the correct BPM (burps per minute) for Rick and Morty, and they erred on the side of more burps.

"The pilot, that was the worst. For some reason I was like, 'Rick has to burp every fucking line.' So I was in there for four hours recording Rick, and just swallowing air and doing every single line with a burp take. I left that studio with the worst stomach ache. I went home and laid in bed and thought I was going to fucking die or have to go to the hospital, it was seriously bad. And the irony is that we cut the radio play together and Harmon was like, 'There are way too many fucking burps in this,' and I was like, 'Oh fuck, you're right! This is disgusting.'"


Luckily, they nailed the balance during the first season. Roiland says, "I would record the whole episode, and if any burps that naturally occurred during the recording, fine, but I'll go back toward the end and hit certain lines with a burp."

There you have it, the gassy secret behind Rick and Morty's most iconic bodily function. And if you listen close to The Burpercut, it makes even more sense, since you can hear Roiland belching through his ABC's.

Here are some of our favorite burps. Wubbalubbadubdub!

Watch Rick and Morty on the Adult Swim website.


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