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Gone but Not Forgotten: the Greatest Hits of Sun News Network

The conservative network couldn't make it work on the airwaves, but we can still remember the good times.

Sun News personalities Jerry Agar and Tarek Fatah discuss Fatah's "brown privilege to take over the show." Photo via screenshot

Sun News Network, the TV bastion of Canadian conservatism ( and, arguably, of bigotry), permanently shut down its broadcast at 5 AM today. The network was host to some of Canada's most entertainingly surreal programming in addition to some of our most blatantly racist, and all in just under four years on the air.

The public faces of the network, the most famous of whom is undoubtedly Ezra Levant, are known for their retrograde views on all manner of issues, from the slightly more radical—for example, trans rights—to the downright old-fashioned—like that the Roma are people and as such deserve respect.


But it's important to remember that not everyone who worked for the network was of that ilk. Many of the people working behind the scenes were doing their best to succeed in a cutthroat industry. There aren't a lot of openings in the journalism industry, and everyone needs to eat. Judging people who may or may not share the views of their employer is unfair, even if their work helped create problematic shows. Nothing and no one is perfect, after all, although Sun News certainly wore many of its flaws right on its sleeve.

It is in the spirit of homage that we look back now on some of the most memorable moments Sun News brought Canadians. However it might seem, this isn't about mocking or deriding the (mostly) good people of SNN. But rather a fond looking back at some of our favourite moments, in no particular order.

Faith Goldy demands Liberal leader Justin Trudeau be excommunicated from the Catholic church for his "extremist" views on abortion.

via The Albatross

Jerry Agar, Anthony Furey, Paige MacPherson, and JJ McCullough explain to Tarek Fatah (also a Sun News personality) why he has Muslim and/or "brown" privilege, and they don't have white privilege.

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To their credit, Agar and Sun had Torontoist columnist Desmond Cole on to discuss white privilege after the above disastrous segment, although Agar still managed to imply he'd be within his right to worry about Cole being a "gangster."


via John Human

Brian Lilley, sporting Canada's number one haircut, loves the troops so much he has trouble talking about it. But, hey: there was a patriotic parade not on Remembrance Day!

via Sun News Network

Michael Coren doesn't think Miley Cyrus—or as he says, Smiley Virus—is attractive or talented. She has a "boy's body," which Coren's guest doesn't seem to mind at all.

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Comedian Scott Vrooman successfully infiltrates Sun News and trolls them on their own show. He calls Sun "Canada's foremost intellectual" outlet.

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The network was singularly interested in the negative aspects of wind energy, leading to a documentary with this attention-grabbing trailer. Threre's propaganda! Deception! "Dirty secrets behind wind power!"

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Michael Coren and Faith Goldy discuss gender-inclusive school bathrooms. Because as Coren says, "who better to explain about what [the issue with trans-friendly bathrooms] is than someone who is not transgender or transsexual?"

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Brian Lilley demands an apology from Canadian Muslim leaders for… something. For themselves wanting an apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

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Farewell, Sun News. We do wish your employees all the best, and we hope to see Brian Lilley's haircut again soon.

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