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I Want Your Text: How High-End Escorts Communicate with Clients

A high-end escort in NYC who specializes in "girlfriend experience" shares and explains her more intimate text exchanges with her clients.
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Like any other job, "high-end escort" entails a lot of work, and communication is a big part of that. For all of the flakey clients who call, wanting to talk for upwards of an hour, only to cancel their overnight appointment at the last minute, there is a small percentage of men who seem to understand this is a lot of unpaid emotional labor.

Seen here is a client who sent a little cash to get my attention. My favorite regulars know this is the trick to bump you to the head of the line.


In this career path, there are certain biases in who gets ahead. For one, wealthy clients want to see girls with backgrounds similar to their own—higher education, a sense of family money, etc. (With a little backstory research this can, of course, be faked.)

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Another truth: If you want clients to buy you Chanels and Choos, you must already own Chanels and Choos. Clients are paying for a sense of luxury and some will go as far as to check your person for designer labels. When they pull this move, send them some items from your Net-a-Porter wish list later. Sometimes, as seen here, they will help contribute

A very successful escort once told me that the secret to being happy in this industry is being yourself. If I acted totally pleasing and subservient with my clients, I would go crazy. Instead, I act like a coy-but-loving alpha-bitch, and I retain regulars who can't get enough of it.

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Part of what "high-end escort" denotes is a more "sophisticated" sense of sexuality. It's about creating a space where a client can build trust, explore fantasies, and figure out new things they like. With regulars, I'm always asking pointed questions, listening, assessing, and trying to better understand what fuels (or kills) their libido. I use all of this information to plan and direct how our next session will go. All the better if I also find the fantasy somewhat sexy—like the one seen here.


In this industry, sites like VerifyHim (a resource for strippers, sugar babies, and escorts) help to screen clients. At the time of this text exchange, this man—new to seeing escorts—was not yet blacklisted as a "time waster/do not see" but he is now. He expected that because I'm a "girlfriend experience" (GFE) that means I would bareback. I explained that I would never have unprotected sex and then looked around for my envelope, which had not been made available. We walked in the cold to the ATM together (oh, yes, I am not above walking a client to the ATM) and then he disappeared while I waited nearby. Blacklisted.

"Review board culture" is a contentious topic among escorts. Basically, there are Yelp-like sites where clients review escort services, often in pornographic detail. Reviews can help girls to get more work yet some worry it might do more harm to our brand than good. Seen here is a client threatening to give me a bad review because I won't see him, without proper screening information.

I'm not sure what type of person would typically book a "straight male escort," but here I've talked one of my regulars into doing it. I know him well enough to know he might have a thing for watching me with another guy. Shopping for the encounter was so fun.

Murphy's Law of escorting: You will get super hot clients with whom you share amazing sex, and these are the clients that inevitably disappear after one session. It takes some restraint to not then text them, repeatedly, after they don't get back to you. Here, I lack restraint.

I was "touring" another city when I got a late-night in-call request. I showered, started getting ready, and then had to reassure the client—a first-timer—that it was all going to be OK. He showed up and at once I understood: He was a literal teenager, 19, a chiseled Greek god, horny, beautiful and high on MDMA. We both made the most of the next two hours. Sometimes, I feel like I have to really explain why "high-end escort" is basically the best job in the world—and other times the experiences speak for themselves.

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