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Feel Like Pablo with This 'Cubist Mirror'

It's the closest you'll ever get to being 'Girl with a Mandolin.'
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Step through the looking glass and tumble into the inside of a Picasso painting with this experimental gadget. Using a small camera and live-updating neural network that "learned" Picasso's style, programmer and artist Gene Kogan's device, the Cubist Mirror, can make you look like one of the Spanish painter's masterpieces. If the color scheme was more appropriate, we could say this was the other side of his famous painting, Girl Before a Mirror, but it seems to be more influenced by Girl with a Mandolin or The Accordionist. Kogan first installed the Cubist Mirror at The School for Poetic Computation's artificial intelligence conference, alt-AI. As you can see in the video below, it's the perfect surreal selfie-op for artificial neural network enthusiasts.


See more of Gene Kogan's work on his website, and download the code and instructions to make your own Cubist Mirror here.


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