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Tesla Boy Gets a Trip to the Funk Side of the Moon Thanks to Cosmonaut Grechko

Cosmonaut Grechko saxifies the dark side of Russian synthpop.

Tesla Boy is a Russian synth-pop group that leans heavily on '80s trappings from Echo and The Bunny Men to Prince, but that doesn't mean they can't create tunes that lend themselves exceptionally to house music too. Tesla Boy frontman Anton Sevidov says "in spite of the fact that we are the group who performs at the junction between dance music and listening [to music at home] we decided to compose an album, which would allow other musicians to rediscover and reinterpret our music. We think the most important thing is that it's now possible to dance to the whole album.‎"


Enter Cosmonaut Grechko who is quickly gaining momentum with his glittery disco tunes. The sax-y house remix of Tesla Boy's "Paraffin" lends well to Fritz Helder's throaty vocals that are also recognizable in his work for Azari & III and most recently Booka Shade's "Love Drug." Grechko's remix has just enough of that slinky character to play poolside as warm orange rays melt into dusk.

Get your groove on to Tesla Boy's entire Made of Darkness (Night Version) remix album here featuring work from Xinobi, Killy Cakes, Mujuice, 7he Myriads, and more.

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