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Dekmantel 2017 Announces Full Lineup, Featuring Pretty Much Everyone Interesting in Dance Music

The festival will open with a performance from legendary minimal composer Steve Reich.

If there's a better way to start the week than feasting on the full line-up—and, miraculously, a timetable—for this year's installment of Dekmantel, we've not found it yet. The Amsterdam-based festival kicks off a day earlier than usual this year, meaning you get to enjoy it for even longer than usual, and there'll also be double the usual amount of additional concerts taking place, too.

Who's playing, you ask? Well, pretty much everyone interesting in electronic music, actually. The biggest news is that the whole shebang will be opened by none other than legendary composer Steve Reich. You can also expect to see a a collaboration between Jeff Mills and Tony Allen, a Larry Heard live show, Objekt and Call Super, Eclair Fifi, Masters at Work, Robert Hood, Lena Willikens, Gas, Bicep live, Arca and Jesse Kanda, British Murder Boys, Overmono, and…yes, we could go on for ages, actually.

You can view the full lineup here, and read our coverage of last year's festival with Kowton here.

Tickets go on sale on January 25th.