Millions Of Neo-Nazi Discord Messages Dumped Online

It’s the latest in data dumps involving the internal messages of online neo-Nazis.
Handout from Distributed Denial of Secrets. 

An online leaking collective has dumped close to 10 million internal messages from over 100 Discord servers run by neo-Nazis and QAnon conspiracy theorists in a new searchable database.

Dubbed “Project Whispers,” the massive cache of data made available by Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoS)—a group of journalists, activists and technologists dedicated to providing a secure platform to leak sensitive data in service of the public interest—is the newest in a wave of dumps involving neo-Nazi and far-right servers.


In November, activists dumped the logins, emails, and IP addresses of users of IronMarch, a now defunct neo-Nazi forum that was once infamously the birthplace of the domestic terror group Atomwaffen Division and the congregation point for the global, violent far-right movement. The leaks from that dump have since helped expose the identities of several neo-Nazi extremists, including U.S. servicemen.

The leak symbolically comes on the 75th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s suicide and Lorax B. Horne, the editor-in-chief of DDoS, tweeted they hoped it could lead to more exposures of online neo-Nazis who often post anonymously in hard-to-find forums.

“To celebrate 75 years exactly since the death of Hitler,” they tweeted, “you are hereby invited to dox your local neighbourhood Nazis.”

Emma Best, a national security journalist and co-founder of DDS, told Motherboard the dump contains intelligence on a wide variety of far-right extremists and their associated movements, as well as several unmistakably neo-Nazi servers.

“Project Whispers currently includes over 900,000 messages from servers dedicated to QAnon (identified by the FBI as a possible terrorist threat),” they said. “Over 100,000 messages from the 'Trump Republic,' and groups organizing under server names like '14 Words,' 'Nordic Frontier' (seemingly connected to the Nordic Resistance Movement), 'Official/pol/' (a reference to 4chan/8chan), 'The German Reich,' 'The Based Club, 'Nazi Germany,' and 'Waffen-SS.'"