Make Bernie Sit Anywhere in the World With This Google Maps Tool

Maybe somewhere a little warmer?
Bernie Sanders sitting in front of the Be

Yesterday during the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders arrived in a truly iconic look. He was wearing his one good coat, huge mittens, and ended up crossing his arms in the familiar pose of being extremely cold. Soon, people started photoshopping Cold Bernie into other locations. A new website will allow you to put him anywhere. Maybe somewhere warmer?

The site, created by NYU masters student Nick Sawhney, is quite simple. You put an address into a text box, and then Bernie Sanders will appear, mittens and all, in that location. You could send him to a great book store:

Bernie sanders sitting in the road in front of Greenlight Books.

Or send him to Venice Beach in Los Angeles:

Bernie Sanders sitting on the beach.

It uses Google Maps to find the locations you type in, so it can sometimes be fiddly to find the right location. It also places Bernie in the frame without any care as to whether it makes sense to sit there. Nevertheless, Bernie is on the move now, all according to your whims.