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This Song Is Called "John Cage's 4'33" with a Huge Shitty Drop at the End” and That’s What It Is

Why would we ever lie to you?

The "Soundclown" era peaked in about 2013 and mainly involved making intentionally shitty versions of pop songs both new and old, most of the time with ironic EDM aesthetics. What no one thought of was to defile John Cage's 4'33,a composition that is literal silence. Because the internet is evidently one giant dare to many people, someone finally did it.

There are no surprises here. The Soundcloud embed below is four minutes and thirty-three seconds of nothing and then a cliched dubstep drop. In its own way, it's just as revolutionary as Cage's original composition was at the time. Do you fill the silence before the drop with the ambient sound of your environment? Is that the real piece? Are you the kind of person who will wait, patiently and probably masochistically, through the void for the wubs at the end of the tunnel? Are you gonna just skip right through like a kid who just wants instant gratification? It's a real Rorschach test of a meme. Maybe, like the park in Westworld, this is a Soundcloud goof that tells you who you really are, man.

Phil will keep the Soundclown memory alive as long as he has to. He's on Twitter.