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Avant-Pop Mastermind $3.33 Released a Dazzling 30:33-Minute Long Composition

"PASS" was originally performed as part of MOCA's series MONUMENT.
May 29, 2016, 7:25pm
Photo by Alex Marks

The visual artist and electronic composer Celia Rae Hollander, who performs under the ternary name $3.33, has had a busy and numerical May. Earlier this month, she released a two-song EP Just a Dip, No Why. with both tracks exactly 15:08 minutes long, and now she's released a new studio record that is, on the nose, 30:33.

"PASS" made its debut in January as a live performance for the Museum of Contemporary Art's (MOCA) concert series MONUMENT. The piece was performed within the French artist Pierre Huyghe's installation "Shore," housed in the museum's permanent collection.

The studio fine-tunes the live version, which builds gentle order from a chaotic nebula of sound. Hollander's voice leads the song's evolution from ambience to a celestial arrangement tone baths and sequenced synthesizers leaving a hypnotic passage of time in its wake.

Stream "PASS" below and be sure to head over to Hollander's Bandcamp page to chip in $6.39 for a high-quality download.