This story is over 5 years old.

Meet IOS 9, Codenamed ‘Android’

Dutch pranksters fool Apple fans into admitting Android is better.

A Dutch YouTube pranking group called Dis it Normaal has a new video where they show how absurd brand loyalty can get.

In the video, two of the pranksters appear to show off an iPhone booting Android instead of IOS to unsuspecting passerby. The two pretend it's a preview of "IOS 9" and record as various people swipe around and review what they think is the latest OS release from Apple, while actually using features Android has had for a while. In the end, most agree that it's far superior to Android (even though it is Android).

If the video is legit (and not too heavily edited) it shows how irrational we get about our favorite technology. Users who love one OS over the other will defend it in any iteration, regardless of how good or bad its features are. Well, most users, anyway.