Roll Your Baggy Shorts Up, Because Thighs Are In

Is summer 2021 the season of displaying meaty legs? Evidence points to yes.
Michael Weathers playing basketball
Gregory Shamus via Getty

After what has felt like decades of baggy shorts and leg-day-skipping dominance, the short short for men displaying may finally be making a comeback.

On Thursday, Men’s Health editor Brett Williams wrote about the burgeoning trend among athletes and celebrities to amply display one’s gams, whether they were snapping a pic for social media (The Rock and Julian Smith) or casually going about their day, like Milo Ventimilgia, who caused a stir with his tucked-up shorts earlier this week. Did he roll them up, or did his legs do it for him? It doesn’t really matter.


I can only voice my support for anyone, including men, showing off what God and perhaps a few well-chosen squat and deadlift sessions gave them. As I watched March Madness this year, I took ample notice of thought leader and Texas Southern guard Michael Weathers tucking his already scant shorts up into, seemingly, the legs of his boxers as he played, potentially so they wouldn’t encumber his movement. When athletic accessories like arm and leg sleeves have been run into the ground, Weathers’ unique styling of his uniform was a breath of fresh air, for his thighs as well as me personally. I submit we would all move better without long short legs binding up our lower bodies.

Baggy shorts still rule the day in athletic uniforms by and large, but when the leg tuck is on the table, no thigh need be obscured. I am also reliably told by sources who are more into sports than I am that it is increasingly a fad among soccer players to tuck up a single short leg to intimidate opponents with one’s quad muscles, as Dominic Calvert-Lewin does. It is also reportedly popular among high school athletes, who may simply age the trend into being as they go pro.

The phenomenon isn’t even exclusive to men–Baylor guard DiDi Richards has also been known to deploy the single-leg, and even sometimes double-leg, short tuck.

DiDi Richards playing basketball

DiDi Richards. Mike Ehrmann via Getty

Dare I say we are going diaper mode for summer? I could not be more here for it. Let’s all roll those things up and get a little sun.