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We Asked Some Geeks to Predict the Plot of the 'X-Files' Revival

"Mulder realizes he has been asking all the wrong questions and has sublimated his own insecurities about his sexuality through his pursuit of the x-files."
March 27, 2015, 4:00am

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Earlier this week, FOX officially announced that X-Files is coming back! We last left off with the (pretty terrible) feature film X-Files: I Want to Believe. In that movie, we see Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) adrift amidst a government full of impostors, "super-soldiers," and secret keepers. The movie itself follows them as they track down a group who steals human organs… but forget that, because it's rubbish.

As a new lover of X-Files (thank you, Netflix) and general geek about town, I wanted to know what my like-minded friends expect from the reboot of the series. So I polled all the geeks I know to find out their thoughts on what the new season of X-Files has in store. Please, share your theories in the comments section.

"Given how the world has changed since the show went off the air, and the idea of the government spying on US citizens has gone from conspiracy theory to actual news, I believe the invasion of 2012 happened, and was successful, but the vast majority of people don't know. A figure like Edward Snowden is threatening to release secret government documents, which Mulder believes will prove the invasion is real and aliens live among us and control the world. As they try to track this whistleblower down, they fight off shadowy forces determined to stop them. Scully raises the question, "The truth may be out there, but what if it's more dangerous than the lie? What will people do if they knew what was really happening?" And what does the whistleblower really know? And Mulder and Scully are most likely in a relationship, after all, knowing what they know makes them undateable."

—Leo Jenicek, Writer and Genre Fan


"Given FOX's recent track record, we'll get six unimaginative trope-filled stories with cliché monster-of-the-week plotlines. The overarching 'conspiracy' tying all six episodes together will leave us all longing for the Cigarette Smoking Man of yore. "

—Rich Stein, columnist for Hipsters of the Coast

"Mulder realizes he has been asking all the wrong questions and has sublimated his own insecurities about his sexuality through his pursuit of the x-files. Scully admits she's always been a lesbian, and Mulder was just a marriage of convenience. Then they go track down their missing daughter. They find that she has started a pagan religious cult, and are unsure if the magic she is practicing is real or imagined. Scully falls in love with a cult member and starts worshiping the Goddess. Mulder bleaches his hair and starts an underground dance scene, which sparks its own x-file investigation by his successor at the FBI."

—Zil Goldstein, Nurse Practitioner

"At the end, we were told that the alien invasion of 2012 was unavoidable since they had infiltrated the highest levels of the government. Are they going to retcon that or will they deal with the fact that it is 2015 and no invasion took place?"

—Jeff Berger, Lawyer and Sci-Fi Enthusiast


—Hunter Slaton, Writer/Editor

"Mulder and Scully must return to the FBI in order to find their daughter, who has gone missing."

—Dana G., Sci-Fi Nerd


"Bryan Cranston returns as their ghost consultant."

—Nick Greenwald, Illustrator

"I'm hoping that the Aliens have decided for a more passive invasion rather than a hostile one. They just get their agents in place, create laws, and facilities to allow them to achieve their goals undetected, and maybe fabricate some flashy events to keep the public looking elsewhere. Or maybe they have some kind of mood manipulation resource that makes the masses more docile and easily led. Or more hostile and likely to tear ourselves apart and save them the trouble. As I reread this, I realize that I'm describing Ghostbusters 2."

—Sean Ewing, Marketing Operations Manager

"The gentrification of Area 51."

Andrew Solomone, Writer and Maker

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