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Colorful Map Charts Video Game Popularity Worldwide

The real question is, can a search engine result show us deeper connections to want fans want from games globally?
This map depicts the search-term popularity of games around the globe. Photo courtesy of Cabletv

It's hard, as a layperson, to know exactly how well a video game sells, and exactly where in the world it's most popular. Digital sales aren't helping: the ESA says over 70% of games sold are now sold digitally and market research group NPD tries to track everything from DLC (extra downloadable content) to microtransactions. The idea is, generally, everyone knows a hit when they see it. But analysts at Cabletv are using a quick and easy way to get a general feeling of a game's popularity around the world, and they've put it all together into a snappy video that shows where, in the world, people are most interested in certain games.


Where in the world are people most interested in playing Horizon Zero Dawn? Photo courtesy Cabletv

Cabletv posits the question, "could your taste in video games relate to your location on the globe?" They tapped Google's search data as it relates to video games to see where in the world games are most searched for. Are JRPG's (Japanese Roleplaying Games) really most popular in their country of origin, or are people more interested in them elsewhere? Where are people most searching for World of Tanks, a game that doesn't have that huge a foothold here in the States? And how is the generally approachable Overwatch doing in a sea of serious eSports? The results of their findings are in the video below, and in this report.

Is there any special correlation to where Persona 5 is most popular? Photo courtesy Cabletv

Of course, it's important to take a piece like this with a grain of salt. Though endlessly interesting to ponder and try to eek out trends, this falls more into the realm of pop-statistics, not hard data-driven study. Because these results come from analyzing the results on Google Trends, this is definitely more a video of what people are most searching for around the world, which is very different from what they're most playing. But the trends, even in terms of search interest, lead to plenty of good, larger questions about who plays games where, and why they play them.

Want to know which countries are most curious about a game like World of Tanks, and more? Check out the full video below:

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