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How a Hacker Tracked Thousands of Cars and Gained the Ability To Kill Their Engines

In this week’s CYBER podcast, we spoke about Motherboard’s scoop on a hacker who breached two GPS tracking companies.

Among all the things hackers can hack, cars are one of the most potentially dangerous.

Last week, we reported the news that a hacker that goes by L&M breached two GPS tracking companies, accessing the accounts of around 30,000 people, and gaining the ability to kill some of those cars’ engines.

Believe it or not, this incredibly creepy hack hinged on the fact that the companies were giving users the default password of “123456.”

In this week’s episode of CYBER, we sat down with Motherboard’s own Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai to talk about how exactly did the hacker access all that data, how that allowed him to potentially kill some cars’ engines, and what this hack tells us for the future of automotive security.

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