Check Mopping and Vacuuming Off Your List...Forever

Welcome to the future. Now.

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that cleaning isn’t exactly fun. It’s a drain on time, which, as we all know, is a precious and nonrenewable resource. 

It can also be frustrating—getting a vacuum into those tight corners, getting the cord wrapped in furniture, plugging and unplugging into appropriate outlets. Then you have to empty the bag, and the dust spills all over the floor you just swept. 


Mopping too. What a chore. Filling a bucket with scalding hot water? When the job is complete, there’s a bucket of disgusting dirty water to deal with. No thanks. It’s no wonder some simply choose the Slob Life. 

If you’re thinking there’s gotta be a better way, you’re right!

Enter the DEEBOT X1 OMNI from ECOVACS. It’s truly from the future. Only it’s here now. (But it’ll save you so much time you’ll be able to do more with your future anyway.)

Here’s the deal: The DEEBOT X1 OMNI is as cool as it sounds. For starters, it’s a robot. It vacuums. It mops. It cleans itself. You can control it with your voice. It looks like a sports car (alright, a shiny, thick-but-sleek Frisbee). It’s available for purchase in March on and Amazon and in April on and in Best Buy stores near you (basically, any of the places you’d expect to buy a self-sufficient robot vacuum and floor mop that cleans itself.)


It is, quite seriously, a robot vacuum and floor mop that uses artificial intelligence to map your home and knows whether to vacuum or mop a particular patch of floor—from hardwood to tile. It knows how to return to its base station—which looks like a sleek kitchen trash bin—where it empties the waste it collects and changes out its dirty water for a fresh tank. It even cleans its own mops, pads, and brushes. Even better, with heated auto-drying, your mop can be automatically dried in two hours to reduce bacteria and odor, so you don’t have to deal with the gross (and time-consuming!) chore of drying a mop by hand. 


You can program it to clean the house when you’re out. And just revel in these technical stats: 5000Pa of suction power, two spinning mop heads that can hit 180 RPM to blast away stains, and navigation tech that would impress a drone pilot (yep, it includes the same tech you’d find in self-driving cars and drones)

The way it’s designed, you can set no-go zones, adjust suction levels and you only need to check in on the docking station occasionally. No more pushing vacuum cleaners, swabbing floors with dirty water and emptying bags and buckets of yecch. The X1 OMNI cleans your house all by itself. And last but not least, the X1 OMNI also has the first ever hands-free voice control, YIKO (pronounced Ee-koh, FYI), so you can control your X1 without lifting a finger (for real). You simply ask YIKO to “clean around your kitchen” (or wherever the problem area may be) and YIKO will get to work. 

Robot vacuums, of course, aren’t entirely new. They’ve been around for a while—black plastic disks that bump into walls and whisk away cat hair until they get too full. With some old systems, you’d have to clean them out by hand, with a selection of brushes to clean the brushes and then figure out a way to clean those brushes. Half the time they couldn't find their way home, and if you’ve set them up to clean when you were away, you’d likely come home to find them in the middle of the floor, fresh out of juice or tangled in some cords. It’d be understandable if your experience with the first gen tech wasn’t something to write home about.

But ECOVACS, leaders in this technology, have always had products that are a cut above. And the X1 OMNI is, hands down, the top shelf of the top shelf. This is luxury. Well, not exactly—it’s still mopping and vacuuming we’re talking about. But it’s as clean as you can get while (not) doing the dirty work.