You Can Now Play Doom in the Tamagotchi-Like Hacking Device

A developer has found a way to play Doom on the Flipper Zero, a small device for hackers and geeks.
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Earlier this month, a security researcher discovered that he could kill that creepy robot dog that can carry a submachine gun strapped on its back with just a small Tamagotchi-like hacking device.


The device is called Flipper Zero, and it’s made to send and receive wireless signals for different technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and NFC. The device’s creators say the Flipper Zero “loves hacking digital stuff, such as radio protocols, access control systems, hardware and more.”

And, of course, someone has now found a way to play Doom on it. 

“As tradition goes, Doom is being ported to almost every possible embedded electronic device. Therefore I did an attempt to come up with something close to Doom and still compatible on the Flipper Zero's hardware,” the developer who was able to run Doom on the Flipper Zero, who goes by Xoreo, wrote on their Github project page.

Indeed, there is a long tradition of putting Doom on pretty much everything: thermostats, McDonald’s registers, IKEA lamps, an early 2000s digital camera, billboard trucks, an old Nokia phone, and a Zune, among others.


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“We all knew this was going to happen,” the people behind Flipper Zero’s official Twitter account wrote, referring to Xoreo’s project. 

Given the Flipper Zero’s screen limitations, this is not the original Doom, but a port made by another developer for the Arduino Nano. Still, it sorta looks like Doom and you can still have some fun shooting monsters. 

It’s the perfect way to fill your downtime while you go look for the next killer robot dog to disable. 

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